Below you can find a list of our publications that we have authored or co-authored.




2019 MNRAS A southern sky search for repeating fast radio bursts using the Australian SKA Pathfinder


2019 MNRAS Constraining the era of helium reionization using fast radio bursts


2019 MNRAS Are all fast radio bursts repeating sources?


2018 MNRAS Studying the Solar system with the International Pulsar Timing Array


2018 MNRAS Verifying and Reporting Fast Radio Bursts


2018 MNRAS Multi-frequency observations and spectral analysis of two gigahertz-peaked spectra pulsars


2018 MNRAS The UTMOST pulsar timing programme I: Overview and first results


2018 Nature astronomy One or several populations of fast radio burst sources?


2018 MNRAS The Galactic halo pulsar population arXiv
2018 MNRAS Scattering features and variability of the Crab pulsar arXiv
2018 ApJ Hunting for radio emission from the intermittent pulsar J1107-5907 at low frequencies arXiv
2018 MNRAS The High Time Resolution Universe survey XIV: Discovery of 23 pulsars through GPU-accelerated reprocessing


2018 MNRAS A fast radio burst with a low dispersion measure arXiv
2018 ATEL Two new FRBs discovered by UTMOST  
2018 ATEL Discovery of FRB 180923 at the Parkes Radio Telescope  
2018 RN AAS Detection of a Glitch in the Pulsar J1709-4429 arXiv
2018 IAU Proceedings Commissioning of FLAG: A phased array feed for the GBT arXiv
2018 IAU Proceedings MeerTRAP: A pulsar and fast transients survey with MeerKAT  
2018 IAU Proceedings First interferometric detections of Fast Radio Bursts  
2018 ATEL Detection of a Fast Radio Burst at the Molonglo Radio Telescope  
2018 ATEL Upper limits on radio afterglow emission and previous outbursts for the very bright FRB180309 from observations with the Lovell Telescope  
2018 MNRAS FRB microstructure revealed by the real-time detection of FRB170827 arXiv
2018 MNRAS The SUrvey for Pulsars and Extragalactic Radio Bursts III: Polarization properties of FRBs 160102 & 151230 arXiv


Proceedings of Science Fast Radio Bursts - Implications for Fermi and future prospects arXiv


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